Aluminum Cabinet Solutions for Locksmiths and their vans.

Organization is essential in your business.

We understand that as a locksmith you have special needs when it comes to your work van. Tough. Organized. Efficient. Our aluminum locksmith cargo van cabinets will last forever and make you the envy of your competition.

aluminum cabinet company van planner

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Locksmith van planner!

  • Individual latching drawers
    Yep, that’s our Dura-Latch system.
  • Variable drawer sizes 
    Available, in almost unlimited layouts.
  • Shallow drawers
    Drawer divider system for small parts, screws, nuts, bolts, keys, fobs, etc.
  • Designs that allow drawers to open in directions to make your space efficient
    Open to the outside of the van so you don’t have to get in the van all the time to get commonly used items or sideways (toward the back or front) when you are in a tight spot in a parking lot or on a construction site.
  • Spaces for step stools and ladders 
    We have wheel well cabinets, closet cabinets, and larger drawers.

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Custom doesn’t need to mean expensive.

Marine-grade Aluminum

Light. Durable. Sustainable. Forever.

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