Custom Cabinet Process

Our process. Your perfect cabinet.

Have a very specific cabinet need? Check out our custom cabinet process.

Not all cabinet needs are the same. That’s why we provide a custom cabinet process. With our simple 7-step system, we can take your ideas and turn it into installation. So bring us your garages, your outdoor spaces, your empty vans and let us build you custom cabinetry that perfectly suits your space. Our team of experts is easy to work with and always transparent, timely, and on-task. 

1. Planning

Tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll build out a plan.

2. Custom Design

We take your plan and have our expert CAD designers turn it into a 3D model. 

3. Fabrication

We take our design and create parts using our CNC Turret Punch Press. 

4. Forming

We then take out each individual piece of aluminum and shape it. 

5. Powder Coating

After shaping, we powder coat the pieces of your cabinet. You can choose between a range of colors. 

6. Assembly

Once every piece has been shaped and painted, we start assembly. During this stage, we also add our one-of-a-kind door latch to your drawers. 

7. Install

Your cabinets are done and ready to go. We can install them in your van, garage, or other location or can show you how. Your choice. 

Marine-grade Aluminum

Light. Durable. Sustainable. Forever.

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