Powerful Partnership: Rosenbauer and Aluminum Cabinet Co. Combine Expertise to Construct Custom Fire Trucks

Rosenbauer is a renowned name in the firefighting industry. Their firetrucks are the gold standard and can be found in cities and towns around the country from HIbbing, MInnesota to Bozeman, Montana. Aluminum Cabinet Company is a proud partner when it comes to building out the storage in custom Rosenbauer machines. 

Over 150 years ago, Rosenbauer started building fire trucks. Since then, they’ve grown into the largest manufacturer of custom firefighting vehicles and command centers. Their dedication to innovation and safety continues to set them apart. 

“ACC can produce custom cabinets and deliver in extremely quick turnaround times. I’d ABSOLUTELY recommend them. Kelly and his staff are very accommodating, punctual, and receptive. Their facilities are clean, well lit, and inviting.”

Tony Klanderud- OEM Manufacturer

Why does Rosenbauer choose our cabinets? Aluminum cabinets contribute to fire safety in several ways. They have a high melting point, which makes them less susceptible to heat damage compared to other materials. Secondly, aluminum cabinets can be designed to incorporate fire-resistant seals and gaskets, limiting the spread of fire and smoke throughout the truck. This added layer of fire protection ensures the safety of both firefighters and the equipment stored within the cabinets.

“Aluminum Cabinet Company (ACC) has completed many projects for Rosenbauer,” explains Rosenbauer’s OEM Manufacturer Tony Klanderud. “Everything from tool chest installs in custom fire apparatus to full command centers with highly customized layouts, including desks, file cabinets, and storage compartments.”

Another reason Rosenbauer uses aluminum is that it is corrosion resistant. Firefighters encounter intense heat, water, and chemicals. Traditional cabinets made of steel are prone to rust and corrosion under these circumstances, leading to premature deterioration and a compromised storage environment. In contrast, aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal material for fire truck cabinets. 

Beyond providing the perfect material for the job, our cabinets are also completely custom. This comes in handy when cities and counties come to Rosenbauer looking for custom vehicles. We then work together to make sure the job gets done right and on time. 


Thanks to our long relationship with Rosenbauer, customers of theirs know us too. They are pleased with the product we provide and often request our cabinets. 

“Many customers of Rosenbauer have had ACC’s workmanship installed on their rigs,” says Klanderud. “All calling for ACC in their specifications. Rosenbauer’s customers are all happy and pleased with the products provided by ACC. Their product adds to quality standards that Rosenbauer expects and delivers in our product lines.”  

On both sides, it has been a great pleasure building a relationship with Rosenbauer. We enjoy working with a team that is so dedicated to providing safe and innovative equipment. We cannot wait to see what their next order has in store for our manufacturing team. 

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