Aluminum Cabinet Co. Builds Ultimate Mercedes Sprinter Van for Electrician

When you’re electricity goes out in Glendale, California, there’s only one guy you should call: The Electrician Magician. Run by Jeff Margarit, he keeps people powered up any day of the year. None of it would be possible without his trusty Mercedes sprinter van. Decked out in marine-grade aluminum shelving and closets, it is now the ultimate toolbox. Jeff didn’t just trust this project to anyone. He chose Aluminum Cabinet Co. The team at ACC turned his Mercedes sprinter van into the perfect tool for his business. 

Why Aluminum Cabinet? 
Trust. Jeff wanted a partner on this project that he trusted. Kelly O’Toole, the owner of Aluminum Cabinet, impressed him. Kelly walked him through the process and answered all of his questions clearly. 

“Kelly really knew what he was doing and what design would be the best for my business,” said Jeff. “You talk to him and you just automatically trust him.” 

Before starting Aluminum Cabinet, Kelly worked for years as a fabricator. He started building cabinets for racing trailers and from there his side project turned into a full-time business. He now employs seven and designs and builds every cabinet in his XX,XXX square foot manufacturing facility. 

Unbelievable Quality
The final van looked pristine. Sleek white cabinets built with the top-grade aluminum outfitted the Mercedes. The designers at Aluminum Cabinet made sure the shelving worked around the three seats in the middle section. 

“The cabinets turned out beautiful,” commented Jeff. “The quality is unbelievable. I’d recommend Kelly and his team to anybody.” 

Custom Cabinets
Everything the Aluminum Cabinet team built for Jeff came custom. Each piece was built to spec and cut to fit exactly right. Each piece is designed to suit the curvature of the van. 

“All the pieces came assembled and pristine. All I had to do was bolt them into place,” explained Jeff. “Super simple and super easy.” 

On Time. On Budget. 
One of the things that impressed Jeff the most was Aluminum Cabinet’s commitment and cost. 

“In the beginning, Kelly told me the project would take about four to six weeks to turn around. He was right on the money,” said Jeff. “On top of that, the price beat out the other guys. There were no hidden fees or surprise costs.”

Phenomenal Cabinets
All in all, Jeff from The Electrician Magician got exactly what he needed. Top-notch aluminum cabinets built to fit his specific business. Now, he can show up to customer’s homes and get right to work. Plus, there’s still room to bring along other workers. The glistening white cabinets make Jeff look professional, organized, and top-of-the-line. 

Jeff sums it up best: 

“Aluminum Cabinet’s work was phenomenal and I would recommend them to anybody.” 

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