Custom Aluminum Cabinets Turn Sprinter Van into Mobile Bike Repair Shop

Looking for a bike repairman who will come to you? Look no further than Cycledelic Bikes. Led by Andres Macario, the bike expert will simply drive his repair shop to you. He turned his sprinter van into the ultimate fix-it station. Just open the doors and you’ll find him working away on some bike or another. Cycledelic Bikes wouldn’t have been possible without the craftsmanship of Aluminum Cabinet Co.

aluminum cabinet company cycladelic sprinter van

Custom Cabinets 

Andres had a vision for his van. All he needed was the right team to make it happen. So when he started to search for someone to outfit his sprinter van, it didn’t take long. A simple Google search led him to Aluminum Cabinet Co. The array of customization options, craftsmanship, and lifetime guarantee sold him. 

“Aluminum Cabinet had everything I was looking for, and I was also able to customize it,” stated Andres. “I picked the color, how many cabinets I needed, and even selected the workbench size.” 

This customization allowed Andres to build the van for his exact needs. There was a spot for every utility pick, allen wrench, and master link plier. The cabinets are so well designed and organized there’s plenty of room for a whole bike to fit inside the van, too. In one of the cabinets, he also hides a fridge, microwave, and miscellaneous tools.

aluminum cabinet company cycladelic inside 2

Awesome Results

Andres knew what his van needed but the results exceeded his expectations. When he opened the doors to his finished van, he was amazed. 

“It turned out awesome,” explained Andres. “People love it when they see it.” 

Ready to Repair

With its van ready to roll and repair, Cycledelic Bike is unstoppable. Whether it’s a bike shop in Colorado or an electrician in California, Aluminum Cabinet Co. is your go-to for outfitting your van. You can learn more about our custom options by reaching out to our team today.

What’s not to love? His bright orange shelves perfectly match his brand colors and are tough as a double black diamond. He continues to get compliments and can’t stop praising Aluminum Cabinet for a job well done. 

“I 100% recommend ACC to others.”

Aluminum. It's worth it.

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